Here is a sample of notes/emails that I have received from clients:

“Last night, my boyfriend and I had dinner and I explained to him how I found you. Do you remember?... I knew I needed someone super smart who would challenge me and give me some structure... someone who knew about buddhism and the things I was exploring... because I was struggling with a lot of practical and philosophical problems and I knew that it was going to take someone wise, compassionate and forward thinking to help me through it all...

When we first spoke in person I explained that I needed some tools and methods to help me to deal with my anxieties. I didn't just want to sit and talk for an hour and complain about my life. I wanted interaction that was going to be useful to me. I was interested in growing and evolving. I also detailed what I felt was lacking in my previous (and until you, only) therapy experience and was clear about how I wanted to progress beyond that. And I'll never forget how open and willing you were to work with my needs. You seemed so happy to adapt to my specific challenges and that's when I knew that our relationship was going to be a transforming experience. I just felt it in my bones.

At a time when my world felt like it was falling apart you helped me to find hope and strength and purpose. And because of the work we've done together, I'm able to help others through their difficulties too, because I can say: hey, I've been there. And I know it's difficult. But if the will and desire is there, and you're willing to do the work, you can evolve and you can change. And you can find new ways of accepting and dealing with your foibles.

Anyway, I told my boyfriend that story last night. It was nice to be able to sit there with him while we were having a lovely dinner and explain this major aspect of my growth. And it's my growth that helped me to get ready to meet him and experience our relationship fully.

So, thank you Eli... I will always be grateful to you.”

“Thank you so much for your incredible talents and generosity. I’ve learned a great deal from you and have been able to transform my life relying on your guidance and support. Having a place to go to truly express myself has given me more courage to expand my limited boundaries... You have also taught me about receiving — your gracious gift of time and insights and expertise has deeply moved me.”

“Thank you again for being in my life when I was lost and confused in my marriage. You helped me stay strong, gave me reassurance and helped me build a stronger foundation for my marriage”.

“I love staying in touch with you, who helped me so much! My friend and I still reference things you said to me, and at least once per week I ‘ground’ myself by thinking about our conversations related to ‘staying in touch with my wounds... never leaving them behind.’”

“I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and support through a very difficult period in my life, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for your help. You are truly an amazing person.”

Testimonials: Relationship Issues

“Therapy with Eli has changed my life so much; she has been a real blessing for me. I appreciate her patience and skill in working with me as I extricated myself from a frustrating relationship that was nonetheless very compelling. I am now in a new relationship that is loving in a way that I didn’t dare to believe was possible. Even though it can still be challenging, I'm really learning not to take things personally and to communicate rather than getting upset — and all of this is because of my therapy with Eli.” - K.W.

“Eli found a way to break through a lifelong pattern I had of shutting down with other people when I became uncomfortable or didn’t like where the conversation was going. It was as if my mind just went blank. She was able to name this as my ‘detached protector’ mode and used Gestalt therapy to help me find out more about that part of myself and why it was there. Soon my anxiety went way down, my confidence increased and I met my future wife.” - D.R.

“My experience with Eli was very different from my two previous psychotherapy experiences. After about six months it was as if a switch went off, and I knew that I would never again return to my addictive relationship patterns of the past. I now feel a lightness and freedom that is new for me. And I have a great abundance of interested suitors. I can honestly say that no one in my life has been able to recognize and articulate what makes me a unique and special person in quite the way that Eli has.” - M.P.

“I would highly recommend Relationship Realizations to anyone who wants to save a troubled marriage. Eli provided us with many wonderful exercises that we could do at home to help us deepen our connection with each other. She emphasized and found creative ways to build upon the strengths of our relationship—something that did not seem to be happening so much in therapies that some of my friends described. We came very close to giving up, but now we are stronger than ever and operating as a true team.” - L.C.

Thanks to our couples therapy, my beautiful girlfriend has become my wife. Our courtship was stormy at times, but Eli believed in our relationship and helped us find the deeper meanings that were behind our conflicts. Even when we started out fighting, we would usually come out of therapy feeling happier and more connected. Eli always gives me a straight answer and, while being completely supportive, also knows how to challenge me if I need it. - D.S.

Testimonials: Financial Psychotherapy

“Since working with Eli, I have gone from feeling panicked about my investments to feeling at peace, even in today’s environment. And, amazingly, I am no longer phobic about understanding my finances. She has helped me overcome my resistance and has educated me to the point where I am quite knowledgeable and conversant about investing—and the process has been a pleasure. She has all the wisdom of the various financial advisors who I have spoken with—without any of the pressure to sign up for their planning or money management services. Because she is a psychotherapist, our time together is based on what I need, whether it is knowledge, insight, reassurance, encouragement, etc. Financial psychotherapy really works!” - C.L.


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