Therapy for singles seeking a committed relationship

Do You Fear That You Will Never Find Love that Lasts?

Are you single and having a difficult time creating a long-term, committed relationship? Are you having a hard time finding quality people to date? Or, when you do find dates, they don’t lead to a long-term commitment? Or maybe you find yourself repeating counterproductive patterns in your choice of partners.

A proactive approach can greatly enhance your likelihood of success. Whether you are 20 or 90, it is never too late to actively pursue your relationship goals! I can help you with the following:

  • Get specific, concrete tools to help you date
  • Dissolve negative, perpetual blocks
  • Expand your dating and social experiences
  • Avoid partners who are toxic for you and learn to spot them quickly
  • Be comfortable with communication and conflict
  • Learn to access your emotional intelligence and be open to intimacy

Discover How to Overcome Blocks

Most of us have at least some “blocks” when it comes to creating healthy relationships. We usually need time to try out different types of partners and eventually let go of relationships that are frustrating or hurtful — so that we know what to avoid. Then we stand a much better chance of getting it right.

But it is easy to get stuck along the way. We may be attracted to or attract unhealthy partners, such as people who are unavailable, chemically addicted, controlling, etc. We may feel “addicted” or in a state of “longing” — if only the partner would change or be more committed, life could be blissful together.

What is missing is “having” the love in the present moment, with the partner as they are. And if we do succeed in stopping counterproductive patterns, we still may not be emotionally prepared for, attracted to, or understand a healthy relationship.

Prepare to Take Action

Even if you are “emotionally prepared”, it still takes confidence, conviction, and faith to put yourself out there in the world in a way that will provide access to and attract quality people to date. And if you are doing something counterproductive, who can you trust to give you honest feedback?

That is why it can be so helpful to work with a therapist who can hold the conviction and faith for you — and provide support, honest feedback and advice to help you navigate and protect yourself through the process. With the proper tools, skills, awareness and effort, I believe that most people can create committed, satisfying relationships and bring more love into their lives.

To ask questions or set up an appointment, call 212-439-5102 or contact me by email at And, in the meantime, you may want to take a look at the Free Articles section of this website. Articles that are addressed to singles include “Being Single is Not a Failure”, "Managing Your Emotional Triggers in a New Relationship" and "Three Common Dating Traps and How to Avoid Them".

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“Therapy with Eli has changed my life so much; she has been a real blessing for me. I appreciate her patience and skill in working with me as I extricated myself from a frustrating relationship that was nonetheless very compelling. I am now in a new relationship that is loving in a way that I didn’t dare to believe was possible. Even though it can still be challenging, I'm really learning not to take things personally and to communicate rather than getting upsetand all of this is because of my therapy with Eli."



"Eli found a way to break through a lifelong pattern I had of shutting down with other people when I became uncomfortable or didn’t like where the conversation was going. It was as if my mind just went blank. She was able to name this as my ‘detached protector’ mode and used Gestalt therapy to help me find out more about that part of myself and why it was there. Soon my anxiety went way down, my confidence increased and I met my future wife.”





“My experience with Eli was very different from my two previous psychotherapy experiences. After about six months it was as if a switch went off, and I knew that I would never again return to my addictive relationship patterns of the past. I now feel a lightness and freedom that is new for me. And I have a great abundance of interested suitors. I can honestly say that no one in my life has been able to recognize and articulate what makes me a unique and special person in quite the way that Eli has."