Individual Psychotherapy Services

Are you Experiencing Any of These Common Life Problems or Challenges?

  • Feeling stuck regarding your life direction or purpose
  • Fed up with having anxiety or depression hold you back
  • Having difficulty in your relationship or with relationships in general
  • Struggling with self-esteem — that may be low or fluctuate up and down
  • Discouraged about being single or immobilized in your search for a partner
  • Feeling in crisis or going through a difficult life transition
  • Finding yourself dragged down by issues related to money or finances
  • Questioning your life philosophy and wanting to explore ideas and feelings

Fortunately, even though painful and confusing, challenging times can be ideal opportunities for people to overcome barriers, grow, and start experiencing their lives in new and often unexpected ways. Times when we feel the most stuck often offer the greatest possibility for forward movement, increased fulfillment and personal transformation.

My first priority is to work with you in a collaborative way that honors and builds upon your strengths and helps you reach your specific goals.  I help clients connect with their own wisdom and emotional intelligence — and to explore and listen to the deepest and most authentic parts of themselves. 

I also believe in providing structure, where that is useful, and in having the flexibility to offer a variety of different approaches that can be adjusted to meet your unique needs.  If you would like to read more about what to expect in therapy, you can take a look at the sections “Approach to Psychotherapy” and “The Psychotherapy Relationship”.

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